Sunday, November 06, 2005

'Hard Gay' Razor Ramon releases his first book

From the Mainichi:
Razor Ramon HG at the release of his first book in Tokyo on Wednesday.

Razor Ramon "Hard Gay," currently one of Japan's hottest celebrities, pledged Wednesday at the release of his first book that the work will be "a lot dirtier" than what he's allowed to get away with on TV.

Razor Ramon HG, who has skyrocketed to fame in recent months by parodying hard core gay rights activists, announced the release of his book "HG" with the customary cry of "Whooo" that has been behind his rise from obscurity as a struggling professional wrestler.

Razor Ramon HG said that his book will be a collection of photos, stories and conversations he has had with his partner, RG.

"The limiter on dirty talk that is normally placed on me when I appear on TV has been lifted for the book, which will be a lot dirtier," the controversial comic told reporters at a book signing.

Razor Ramon HG told reporters of his long held dream to romp around the ring.

"It was always my dream to become a professional wrestler, so when I did so, it was awesome," he said. "I couldn't stop grinding my hips for about a month and I was hot no matter how cold it got."

Razor Ramon HG also sent a message of support to kyogen comic artist Motoya Izumi, who has at least temporarily given up performing in the world of traditional Japanese culture to become a professional wrestler.

"If Izumi represents Japanese-style wrestling, then I'm a symbol of the West," he said, before letting loose with another whoop.

Razor Ramon's announcement was cut short when RG, clad only a bright red loincloth, invaded the stage and the partners let loose with a series of screams.


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