Monday, November 21, 2005

Another white guy with his own theory about the Japanese...

I'm really getting tired of white men believing they have some unique insight into Japanese culture.

This article in The Metropolis has got to be one of the most absurd articles I've ever read about Japan. Not only do we have the typical Nijonjinron "Japanese are unique" argument, but now we have a new "innate cuteness" argument, summed up in this nugget of wisdom:
Now, many of the physical characteristics we associate with the Japanese are also characteristics we associate with children: smoother, less hairy skin; lack of physical stature; slenderness; less voluptuous curves in women; large head-to-body ratio; flatter faces; and higher pitched voices. Very few people would argue with the idea that the Japanese are cuter than most other races.
Even if this is an attempt at ironic humor, it is incredibly condescending and insulting, and even borderline racist -- and not the least bit humorous.


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